The FFBC basketball camps in Vieux Boucau are located in the heart of the seaside resort, on the shores of the marine lake and from the ocean and its endless fine sandy beaches.

The Solona Club hosts the FFBC basketball camps for the accommodation and catering part and has an swimming pool.

It is ideally located just a few minutes from the training center consisting of 2 outdoor courts and a hall.




Basketball is the predominant activity since about 5 to 6 hours of basketball are daily proposed with shooting gesture and dexterity as the common thread.

The basketball content is divided into 2 daily trainings (1 training in the morning, 1 in the afternoon) and in the evening are organized tournaments and competitions (3 points, speed, etc.) by category.

These courses are supervised by state graduates coaches and are open to all categories of young people (from 2010 to 2001).

Improving offensive fundamentals

FFBC workshops are tailored to trainee levels and expectations. They are based on three concepts: intensity, repetition and efficiency
The presence of the staff and their wise counsel puts the trainee in ideal conditions for learning and mastering his individual technique.

Match and Contests

-Match 5v5, match 3v3
-Contest of address (two ball and 3 pts)



Improved shooting gestures

-specific exercises to the gesture of shooting and increasing the percentage of success.
-1 Personalized video session to act precisely on the correct points. The gesture is analyzed and corrected with the setting up of a battery of specific exercises and adapted to each one.

Video session


Summer Activities

Our primary objective is to offer, through these stays, a fulfillment to the child. For this, we keep them busy all day long with diverse extra basketball activities: Stand Up , Paddle, Canoe, pedalo, Beach, Beach basketball.



Practical information

In order to experience the best basketball camp, the days are paced and organized, so that all the children can take full advantage of the sports activities and a warm atmosphere. On the program: improvement workshops, matches, tournaments, activities and friendliness Also discover the rules of our basketball courses and the things to bring.

Some instructions about the rules of FFBC

No alcohol, nor tobacco
The use of mobile phones is tolerated during periods of time predefined by the management
No precious objects or valuable clothing
No unsupervised trips
Everything needs to be calm after 22:30 (except in the case of an FFBC event)
All pocket money is to be entrusted to the mini bank held by the management

Typical Day

Typical day during the FFBC

08:00 Getting up – Breakfast
09:00 Individual improvement or chosen option
12:30 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Basketball or activity
3:45 pm Snack break
3.30 pm-5pm Basketball or activity
5pm-6.30 pm Skill workshop address or activity
7:00 pm Dinner

20:00-21:45 matches-tournament-party
10.30 pm Bedtime (22h for youngest)


List of things to bring for your basketball course

1 Sleeping bag (only blankets are provided)
1 tracksuit
5 jerseys or T-shirt
3 shorts, 8 pairs of socks
2 pairs of sneakers or tennis shoes
1 Pair of casual shoes (espadrilles, barefoot and 1 pair of pool shoes)
1 swimming trunks (shorts type swimsuits are forbidden !!!)
2 hand towels and washcloths
1 bath towel
1 pajamas
1 sweater and 1 windbreaker
Sufficient underwear
Hat or cap, sunscreen
Toiletries and mail
1 flask

Summer courses

Week 01
From 1 to 06 July 2019

Week 02
From 8 to 13 July ,2019

Week 03
From 15 to 20 July 2019

Week 04
From 22 to 27 July, 2019

The welcome of the stays is at 9:30 on Monday at Solana Club ( adress : 1 rue de Porteteni – 40480 Vieux boucau)
Closing is at 15h on Saturday. Parents and accompanying persons are invited to attend the closing afternoon which starts at 14h.

Additional services:

Cancellation insurance: 20 €

Transportation: We offer shuttle services to join the basketball camp
Train (Dax SNCF station): 20 € one way, 40 € for the return trip

Early arrival: we propose an arrival the day before (Sunday at 17h): 40 € (meal + breakfast + overnight stay)

Week-end (internship 2 weeks): 75 (accommodation and laundry)

Packed lunch : 10 € (for the return trip)


Basketball camp in France accessible to all and from all the cities of France !!

A shuttle service take charge of the young basketball players trainees as soon as they arrive at the Dax SNCF station.

Considering the trip and start times of the course we recommend an arrival the day before (Sunday)

Train (Dax SNCF station)

1 rue de Porteteni
40480 Vieux-Boucau-les-bains